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I will accept a limited number of projects until the end of January 2014. Please read the explanation to the right for more detail. Thanks for your understanding.

Thank you!

Now accepting credit cards. Click the buy now button below and you will be directed to Paypal to complete the transaction. No account necessary.


Each year


As always, your patience is appreciated. A great guitar neck can not be rushed.




  Welcome to SoulMate Custom Necks!

Hello everyone. It's been a fun filled 15 years getting to know so many nice people as I have and deeply satisfying to know how much people appreciate quality workmanship and help with completing their projects. Though I thoroughly enjoy building guitar necks the time has come for me to take some time off. I'll continue to accept a limited number of builds through January 2014 only. Once those have been completed I will take the next year off. This is not farewell, just a break.

For those of you that already know me, please feel free to inquire if you would like something built. I'll take on the project if I think I can do it in a reasonable amount of time.

It's quite likely that I may choose to build a few random necks and post them for sale on my the web site.

Best wishes... Doug


There is a lot of information on these pages and many examples. If you don't see something or wonder about a certain example, please email me with questions. There's no way I can keep up with all the variations and wood combinations used.
These pages are for reference and ideas.

I get asked this a lot so I need to clarify:
All the necks are laminated. You have several choices of wood for the thin layers or can sometimes have more than two. These changes do not affect the price 99% of the time.


Here's a few examples. More on the neck page. I'll go through more pictures and post them on the neck page as soon as I have time. Sorry, these have been long overdue.

this first one is a flat fingerboard tapping neck with awesome birdseye fingerboard!

It is our goal to create the absolute best guitar neck you'll ever find for your next project!  Get the personal attention you deserve while tailoring a neck that's just right for your project. Many customizations are free of charge.
Creativity is encouraged!

We can make replacement necks for a wide variety of guitars. Make necks that fit into a Strat sized neck pocket, and necks for Ibanez or Jackson style guitars which use the more common wider heel width.

**Most of the time I do need the body you plan to put a neck into. there are so many variations that it's the only way for me to make one that fits properly and will intonate.



Some Recent Testimonials
Thanks everyone!

And I quote...

Just got it.  What an absolutely beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  Brother, that is beyond what I could have imagined and I am so thrilled.  Awesome, awesome, awesome! 

"This guitar is so perfect in every aspect, I can't say enough. The attention to detail, the finish, the neck, the pick-ups... this thing is awesome. Not only does it look great, it plays and sounds wonderfully. Really the finest guitar I've ever played. I sold my D'Pergo last week, it wasn't getting any playtime... my SoulMate slays every nuance of every guitar I've played.... PRS, Gibson, D'Pergo, Warrior, Fender, Ibanez, etc, and several "custom" builders I won't name. Thanks again for building the finest guitar I'll ever own. This is not just a guitar, this is not hype, this guitar will stay with my family for generations to enjoy."
"I got the neck today and man, does it look sweet! I hope that I can build the rest of the bass to match the fine workmanship of the neck. I'm very impressed with every aspect of this purchase and look forward to doing business with you in the future!"
"Today I've received the neck and I cant stop touching it! ... the neck is absolutely beyond all my expectations!! It's simply the most amazing piece of handwork i've ever seen in my life! Thank you for everything!"
"Got the neck. Out(frigging)standing. Great job!"
Got the second neck. Absolutely perfect.
Thanks for everything.
"The neck arrived A-OK and I am VERY happy with it...... you are a true craftsman in every sense of the word!"
"Hey Doug, the neck arrived today and it looks AWESOME!!!!!! It certainly exceeded my expectations."

"Hey Doug, I got the neck last week... WOW.  Man, this is one sweet neck."

"I have a small but powerful collection of Gibson Custom Shop guitars, 58 Flying V, SG Elegant flame top etc. I thought these were the cream of the crop until I received my 1st. 06 from SoulMate Guitars.

The wood used on this guitar is like Royalty Grade for the finest furniture. Iíve told my Gibson Custom Shop guitars to ďmove down the benchĒ. Dougís work is impeccable, and he stands behind every piece of work that leaves his shop. Iíve got another 06 model on order right now. These guitars are things of beauty."

"Just to let you know My new Soulmate guitar is one of my best guitars I have the workman ship is just top notch. I have custom shop Les Pauls, Mcnaughts, Thorns and  Driskill guitars and I am very proud to have this guitar in my collections. and it is always a pleasure to talk to you.Thanks again for building me this guitar."
I got it!!!  Unbelievable!!!  Thank you so much.  It has been worth it 1 million times over...God, I am just staring at it, it's hard to type."
This is by far the finest guitar Iíve ever had the pleasure of playing.  Iíve played everything from Les Paul, Paul Reed Smith, to a Strat and they donít come anywhere close.  This guitar simply begs to be played.  A big thanks to Doug for his meticulous and extremely detailed work.  Every aspect of this guitar is well thought out and built to play.
"Because I've had the opportunity to own a Soulmate guitar, a trip to the music store is just to buy strings. Doug's guitars eclipse anything being built right now in terms of overall quality and playability.
To me the most important thing is that Doug will build the guitar you want, with the wood and specs you want, not just what he wants to do. His attention to detail and luthier skills are second to none. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

The guitar arrived safe and sound. It's a masterpiece.



Quality hand crafted guitars, unique guitar necks, bass, and bass necks for your guitar building pleasure.

Committed to excellence.


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